Marketing Creative

Creativity and marketing go hand in hand, from content to collateral. Graphic, UI/UX, audio, and video, we got the skills you need, shoot we created this whole website and every single icon on it!

Collateral Development

Let’s face it, a lot of handout suck. They go from the sales team straight into the trash, but with a little know-how and a a lot of design obsession we are sure to create collateral that will get a second look.

Infographic and Content

What is more awesome than an infographic? Nothing, that’s right, and let us tell you, we have made some awesome infographics. Whether showing data or just giving useful advice, we can create anything.

Video and Audio

Video (and audio) are must-haves in marketing in the modern era. Aside from a stint at audio production school, we have fully run video and audio departments. Content marketing will never be the same, video is key!

Event and Booth Design

Event design is often overlooked, rarely discussed the aspect of the overall marketing strategy. Many people just throw a logo on a table cloth, put out some branded pens and slap a banner in the back, we don’t though.

Our Creative Toolbox

A loaded toolbox along with the knowledge is a killer combination.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Expert manipulation of Adobe products especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.

Design Principles

Knowing the Gestalt Principles, color theory, texture…all of it! It is all-important and vital to creating interesting creatives.


When it comes to content, audio, video, blogs, shoot even collateral, telling a story is an important part of the creative process.

Art Direction

Communication through visual media is tricky, whether it is an infographic, collateral, or an ad.


Understanding how to use words to sell and generate demand is a tricky skill that we have honed for years.

Print House Knowledge

From collateral printing, to screen printing, we have been around it all for many years, this is so important to understand.

We’re Not Just Creative, We’re Obsessive

We spend most of our lives being creative, thinking creatively and appreciating other creative works. Why is this important? Because this is the foundation of our creativity, obsession.

Why Do You Need Us?

In the modern business environment, shooting from the hip is not enough. Organizations are becoming better at testing and analytics, marketing is becoming mature, both in design, planning, and implementation. Marketing channels and tools are becoming overwhelming, and keeping up is becoming increasingly difficult.

Our Latest Projects

We take the utmost pride in all of our work, please take a look at the work that we have done, you will see that we are borderline obsessed..

Our Process is Simple

Whether it is consulting, a fully management project, or just a one off, we have a simple process that does not add any more strain on your organization. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation, consultation below. We simply want to talk to you about the scope of your marketing needs and offer some professional suggestions on how to maximize your efforts.

Project Scope

In this phase, we sit down and decide what is needed and how it will be accomplished by both organizations. Here we decide budget, cost, and timelines.

Project Research

In the research phase, DIM&C will conduct research to fully understand the issue and how to handle it most effectively.

Project Completion

After the scope and research phases come the best part, we will complete the project. Whether a strategy development or a landing page, our team can get it done.

Revise, If Needed

Lastly, we will present the project and collectively decided if there are any revisions needed. If so, we will complete them quickly and efficiently. 

Let’s Work Together

The only thing we love more than a new client is a new friend! Well– maybe some whiskey too…a new friend and whiskey! Get ahold of us, we would love to talk.