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A showcase of our current work and blogs. We are super proud of all the work we do and proud of our ability to complete it quickly and effectively.

Janus Branding

Along with a brand logo and identity, DIM&C was tasked with creating a t-shirt design that would be used as both a uniform shirt and a SWAG giveaway. Opting for a clean, modern, and easy to read the shirt…

12 Rules For Infantry

I’m a fan of Jordan Peterson, I mean, we have our different opinions at times, but I have a lot of respect for him, his views, his intelligence, and especially his conviction. Jordan Peterson wrote a book called 12 Rules For Life...

The Case Against Stock Photos

Over my career as a marketer and creative, I have heard a lot of arguments against using stock photos. Frankly, I (mostly) agree with them, sure — sure there is a time when you have to (maybe even should) use stock photos…

Let’s Work Together

The only thing we love more than a new client is a new friend! Well– maybe some whiskey too…a new friend and whiskey! Get ahold of us, we would love to talk.