Marketing Automation

The future is finally here! We now have robots to do our dirty work…ok ok, maybe not specifically, but automation is increasingly becoming an important strategy in marketing. 

Automation Lead Capture

This is where it all starts, for marketing automation at least…in fact, a lot of marketing. We have been doing this for years, we can capture a lead with one form and send it 100 different places, its wild!

Chatbot Built-Out

We are going to throw this in the ring with marketing automation because frankly, our chatbots are automated, so that IS automation. We can build a chatbot to make sales, service clients, or collects leads.

Campaign Management

This is what it all comes down to, the automated campaign. From a drip, a happy birthday, or even something more out of the box. When it comes to marketing automation, this is where the rubber meets the road.

CRM And Lead Scoring

What is the point of a good automation campaign if it doesn’t fit into your CRM? This may seem difficult but we can take all the steps to set your sales team up for success and build a solid lead scoring strategy.

Our Automation Toolbox

A loaded toolbox along with the knowledge is a killer combination.

Customer Journey

Knowing how customers go from point A to point B to sale is paramount. We can help you discover how your customers find you.

Email Marketing

Understanding good email marketing is vital when running automation campaigns, from triggers to content.

CRM Management

Although a sales task, we do understand how to run a good CRM and can assist you in setting it up, not mention it is central to lead scoring.

Social Automation

Automatically posting content on social is a valuable tool in the automaton toolbox. 

Chatbot Tools

Although we love Active Chat and Hubspot as our chatbot platform we have also used and like ManyChat, Drift, Chatfuel, and Intercom.

Automation Tools

HubSpot, Autopilot HQ, Drip, shoot even Mailchimp, we have used them all, and understand them well.

From Hubspot to Autopilot HQ

Not only do we have the foundations of building and maintaining a good marketing automation strategy down, but we in-depth knowledge of all of the tools. We will help you select and use the automation tool that fits your needs best.

Why Do You Need Us?

In the modern business environment, shooting from the hip is not enough. Organizations are becoming better at testing and analytics, marketing is becoming mature, both in design, planning, and implementation. Marketing channels and tools are becoming overwhelming, and keeping up is becoming increasingly difficult.

Our Latest Projects

We take the utmost pride in all of our work, please take a look at the work that we have done, you will see that we are borderline obsessed..

Our Process is Simple

Whether it is consulting, a fully management project, or just a one off, we have a simple process that does not add any more strain on your organization. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation, consultation below. We simply want to talk to you about the scope of your marketing needs and offer some professional suggestions on how to maximize your efforts.

Project Scope

In this phase, we sit down and decide what is needed and how it will be accomplished by both organizations. Here we decide budget, cost, and timelines.

Project Research

In the research phase, DIM&C will conduct research to fully understand the issue and how to handle it most effectively.

Project Completion

After the scope and research phases come the best part, we will complete the project. Whether a strategy development or a landing page, our team can get it done.

Revise, If Needed

Lastly, we will present the project and collectively decided if there are any revisions needed. If so, we will complete them quickly and efficiently. 

Let’s Work Together

The only thing we love more than a new client is a new friend! Well– maybe some whiskey too…a new friend and whiskey! Get ahold of us, we would love to talk.