Janus Branding

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The Brief

Janus Properties, Inc. is a full-service construction and home sales business that handles everything from helping you buy your dream property to helping to make your property a dream.

Along with the companies founder, Brian, DIM&C created a brand identity along with their first T-shirt design.


Our research showed that there is a distinct brand style for almost all property-related organizations. This style is often somewhat stale, cookie-cutter style of rigid realtors and boring businessmen wearing ill-fitting suits and ties from the 90s. Being a younger, more modern brand, we opted for a logo and brand identity that suited the next generation of realtors and construction companies.


Along with a brand logo and identity, DIM&C was tasked with creating a t-shirt design that would be used as both a uniform shirt and a SWAG giveaway. Opting for a clean, modern, and easy to read the shirt, the end result is a shirt that you’d be proud to wear at work on a Monday morning or at the bar on a Friday night.

Finished Project

All in all, this brand reflects the modern and trustworthy brand that is Janus Properties Inc. With little revision, this project was quick to finish and we look forward to seeing the logo and shirts around town.

David Ingram

David Ingram’s love for marketing started back in 2002 when he began spearheading the marketing and branding efforts of his small garage bands. After his time in the Army and a long college career, he rekindled his love with marketing and has held marketing jobs since 2012.