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Our Marketing Agencies Services

We start all of our marketing plans, strategies, and activities from a three point perspective, 1.) consumer behavior and the customer journey, 2.) analytics and testing, and 3.) prior experience and tried-and-true tactics.


We live in a world flush with data, which offers business’ boundless opportunities, but most companies don’t understand how to use these measurements to maximize their ROI. DIM&C will help you set KPIs and implement the tools needed to track them most effectively.


From qualitative to quantitative methods of research, from surveys to focus groups, research is a vital component of marketing that is often overlooked. It is imperative that all brands and organizations conduct research.


From landing pages to e-commerce websites we can instill a culture of testing and experimentation. Knowing when to implement A/B testing vs. multi-armed bandits is only the tip of the iceberg.


Whether email, drips, or chatbots, we can put in place a strategy that is sure to free up time, and more importantly, increase marketing efforts. We can also connect your automation efforts to your CRM to score leads and improve the sales department. 

From Start to Finish

Many marketing and creative agencies skip the basics, slack off on the foundations, or simple don’t find themselves interested. On the other hand, we have mastered the basics as well as advanced marketing.

Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior and behavioral economics are what we believe to be the foundation of any good marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Marketers need to know more than just how to write a plan, they must know how to implement, track, and manage marketing plans.

Customer Journey

Next to consumer behavior, understanding the customer journey is vital, any good marketer would have a good grasp on this topic.

Analytics and Data

From statistics to web analytics, it is the utmost importance to understand the data and also know what to do with it.

Growth Hacking / Guerilla Marketing

Conventional marketing strategies are awesome, and generally very effective, but we believe that you must know how to think out-of-the-box.

Business Principles

We believe that having a basic understanding of finance, accounting, operations, and other business skills is vital to maximizing marketing.

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