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Our Core Competencies

It is important to master the core principles of growth and marketing. At DIM&C we believe in a holistic approach to growth, marketing, and business.

Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior and behavioral economics are what we believe to be the foundation of any good marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Marketers need to know more than just how to write a plan, they must know how to implement, track, and manage marketing plans.

Customer Journey

Next to consumer behavior, understanding the customer journey is vital, we are experts on both the B2C and B2B customer journey. 

Analytics and Data

From statistics to web analytics, it is the utmost importance to understand the data and also know what to do with it.

Growth Hacking / Guerilla Marketing

 Conventional marketing strategies are awesome, and generally effective, but we believe in out-of-the-box thinking.

Business Principles

We believe that having a basic understanding of finance, accounting, operations, and other business soft skills are vital to maximizing marketing.